Complexity And Philosophy

This last week of the seminar we're going to attempt to summarize our understanding of complexity and evolutionary processes and how they relate to business research.

Questions and tasks

You have a two-part assignment this week that I hope you'll find valuable and engaging. We will focus on the first essay during class discussions though some discussion of the second might come up as well.

  1. Interesting stuff:
    • Read "That's Interesting!'', by Murray S. Davis, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 1:4 (December 1971), pp. 309-44.
    • Write a 1-2 page essay on the following:
      • How does the research approach that we have discussed this semester support specific types of "interesting" work?
      • Find two papers that you consider "interesting" among the papers we have read this semester — if, in fact, any of them have been interesting. Describe why you think this. Describe how they fit into the typology that Davis creates.
      • Discuss what does (or might) make your paper for this semester "interesting". If nothing else, then describe what follow-on paper might be interesting.
    • Post the essay in two places: 1) in the list below on this page, and 2) on your personal page on this wiki.
  2. Your life and your work:
      • Read "How to do what you love," by Paul Graham, January 2006. (A PDF version of this essay that takes up fewer pages.)
      • Read "Learning to live", by Thomas Merton, in Love and Living, edited by Naomi Burton Stone and Brother Patrick Hart, A Harvest Book, 1979.
      • Write a separate essay (any length) in reaction to both of these essays. Simply send a PDF (by email) of this essay to me by Thursday at 8am.

Interesting Stuff Essays

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