Turtle Ecology

Model Description

A turtle model to explore ecological survival

Original Rules

1) Wander around aimlessly
2) Eat food whenever you bump into it
(Note: Patch rules - each setup starts with a random assignment of which patches contain food)

Additional Rules

1) Each turtle step decreases the turtle's energy
2) Each time the turtle eats, it's energy is increased
3) When the turtle's energy depletes to zero, it dies


  • Initial Population: decline is more dramatic for larger initial populations, but always reaches equilibrium around 150
  • Initial Energy: < 4 makes population die out
  • How to make population die? Under initial conditions: reproduction < 4
  • How to make population live w/o reproduction: increase inverse food rate



  • The actual study of ecology (organisms and their food source, preditors and prey, invasive species)


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